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The invitation to engage in the Awakening reflections
with a small group was a transformative experience for me.
Though I was somewhat clear in my understanding
of the relationship of Divinity and Universe, the study
and shared reflection of their interrelatedness deepened
my love for Universe and all living things. It confirmed
my own sacred kinship with all that is, and my familial
responsibility to love and care for all creation.

– Sister Susan Van Baalen, OP 

Awaken – Contemplate – Converse

Each day we grow in awareness of living in a global world, of collective upheaval marked with confusion and anxiety. The Awakening Reflection Booklet Series speaks to the personal, communal awakening that life, for 13.8 billion years, has been calling us to embrace.

In these shifting times, we are challenged to let our minds and hearts break open, to trust and perhaps experience that God’s Presence is near at hand. The depths are surely rising, calling us to wake up. And yes, poets remind us that we are made for these moments!

Throughout this contemplative series we ask anew, Who are We? Where are We Going? And Who and Where is God in all of this? The material in this series of six booklets draws from various writers in the fields of cosmology, science, theology, spirituality, ecology and poetry. Reflective questions are posed for the reader to ponder. The booklets are designed for personal and for group sharing. Creating “Awakening Circles” of six to eight people to read, study, and pray, the booklets can be a great support in exploring new insights into life, faith, and the ever-unfolding mystery of Divine Love in this 21st century.

The Booklet Series includes:

A Call to Awakening
The Living Universe
The Living Earth
Our Human Story
Song of the Soul
The Great Shift

Each booklet is 10-15 pages.

Consider ordering a set for yourself, then see if it might be a resource for your ministry
or something to share with friends and family.

Sample Pages

Click each page to view a larger version.


The six-booklet series is available for $15 plus shipping and handling. Pick up at the Weber Center in Adrian, Michigan, or have them mailed. Bulk purchase discounts are available.


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