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Susan Van Baalen, OP

Tuesdays: March 9, 16, and 23, 2023
1:30 – 3:30 p.m. ET


This program introduces the similarities and differences in the rites of passage and spiritual journeys of Hindus, Christians, Muslims, and Native Americans. The program helps participants recognize the universality of a life-long journey of searching for God-ness and goodness as it is expressed across time, geography, and religious traditions. Participants will understand and appreciate the sacred rites of acceptance and growth in oneness with God that emerges from experiences of retreat from the world, whether in the form of hajj, vision quest, Holy Land pilgrimage or wandering asceticism. We explore rites related to initiation, penitence, mature acceptance of responsibility for self and the universe, grieving, suffering, and death.

Susan van Baalen, a smiling white woman with short gray hair wearing a white turtleneck and blue print shirt.
Susan Van Baalen, OP


Susan Van Baalen, OP, is an Adrian Dominican Sister committed to life-long learning for herself and others. She is grateful for the opportunity to share her gifts of study and teaching with those who are interested in understanding the oneness within the religions of the world. Susan holds advanced degrees in theology and ministry. She has taught in elementary, secondary, undergraduate, and graduate schools in Michigan, Illinois, and Florida.


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