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The within and the quiet

INAI (in-eye) is a Japanese word meaning “within.” To visit INAI is to enter a space where we can feel the “within” and the quiet. There are three spaces:

Reading/Reflection Room

A quiet space for reflection and reading.

Meditation Space

A space for silence, meditation, and prayer.

Art Gallery

A place to respond, through art and contemplation, to the Adrian Dominican Sisters’ Mission of being co-creators of justice and peace and their commitment to live in right relationship with Earth community. Current exhibit

Art Room

A quiet place to reflect and create: drawing, painting, calligraphy, ceramics, sculpture, weaving, and crafts. The Art Room is available to Weber guests, groups, individual artists, Sisters and Associates.

INAI reading room
INAI reading room
women view artwork at INAI
Two large tables surrounded by chairs in a bright, airy room

INAI attempts to heal and restore our capacity for immediate personal experience and reawaken the reflective possibilities inherent within us: for hope, for meaning, for God.
~Barbara Chenicek, OP, and Rita Schiltz, OP

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