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The Labyrinth

A Labyrinth is a circle that contains one path leading from the outer edge to the center via a meandering route. One of the oldest known contemplative spiritual practices, these structures are found in many spiritual traditions and cultures throughout the world. The ancients knew the circle to be the sacred symbol of harmony, wholeness, integrity and grace. During the middle ages, the practice of making a journey on foot to Jerusalem was no longer possible due to wars in the holy land. As a result, labyrinths were built in cathedrals for the purpose of pilgrimage.

The Cosmic Walk

The Cosmic Walk was created in 1999 for an ecology seminar at the Weber Center. A series of plaques walks the visitor through the creative process of the evolving universe. As you retrace the footprints of the unfolding universe, you will touch the memories of our ancestors: the stars, planets, oceans, mountains, plants, and animals.

The Nature Path

The Nature Path encompasses the 8-acre wetland area. This area was developed in 2001 with a grant from Lenawee County Soil Conservation and Michigan Pheasants Forever.

The Weber Garden

The circle meditation garden, dedicated in 1996, reminds us that we are part of the Earth, and it is part of us. The garden teaches us about natural harmony and the rhythms of living upon the Earth.

woman walking the Labyrinth path
The Cosmic Walk
The wetlands
a woman resting at the Circle Garden
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