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Cuadros Panel – “Paisaje” (Landscape) by Yeni


Cuadros are stitched, embroidered and appliquéd three-dimensional fabric pieces made in Peru. This art style originated in Chile in the 1970s as an artful protest by people who were poor and oppressed during the Pinochet military government. Today, these cuadros are made by a group of women living in Pamplona Alta, one of the many shantytowns circling the Peruvian capital of Lima, and they depict scenes of daily life for them and for those who live in the distant villages of the Andes.

The cuadros are a means for the women to support themselves and their families in a time of economic and political hardship. All proceeds from the sale of cuadros are returned to Pamplona Alta to support the work and art of these women.

Size: 10” x 10” x 0.75”; weight approx. 4 oz.
This cuadro is available online (1 in stock) but 15 other unique pieces (by different artists) of the same size are available for purchase as well; contact the Weber Center Shop for details.

1 in stock

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