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Take a virtual walk

Take a virtual walk through our Center! Click/touch and drag the thumbnail gallery images along the top to see all the rooms available to visit.

Click/touch on the title of the room you’d like to visit, then click/touch the arrows in the direction you’d like to go. You can also click/touch and drag to look around the rooms. If you see a floating letter i, select it to read further details about the space.

Additional Meeting Rooms not Shown in Virtual Tour

Meeting Room 1 – Capacity of 17, 10 in soft seating and 7 in table seating

Meeting Room 2 – Capacity of 22, 12 in soft seating and 10 in table seating

Meeting Room 3 – Capacity of 15, 7 in soft seating and 8 in table seating

Meeting Room 4 – Capacity of 8, soft seating only

Meeting Room 5 – Capacity of 13, 9 in soft seating and 4 in table seating

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