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Addiction, Recovery, and New Brain Discoveries

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
9:00 a m – 3:30 p m
Cost: $45, includes lunch
Registration is available at www webercenter org and 517-266-4000

Hear from an addiction expert about new neuroscientific discoveries, “Recovery Management” treatment, and the factors that lead to our current opioid epidemic and the 2016 CDC Guidelines

Three lectures are presented by Dr Kevin McCauley in this dynamic program:
•The Opioid Epidemic and the 2016 CDC Opioid Prescribing Guidelines
•Protecting Sobriety with the Science of Safety
•The Brain and Recovery: An Update on the Neuroscience of Addiction

This course is approved by:
•The Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative – Approval # 012918-12 for 5 CEUs
•The National Board of Certified Counselors 5 CEUs (pending)
•The Michigan Nurses Association for 5 CEUs

Dr Kevin McCauley is a non-practicing physician who has worked in the field of addiction treatment for nearly two decades He has authored two videos: “Pleasure Unwoven” which won the 2010 NAATP Michael Q Ford Journalism Award, and “Memo to Self: Protecting Sobriety with the Science of Safety ” He is Senior Recovery Advisor at Northbound Treatment Services in California and Senior Fellow at The Meadows of Wickenburg in Arizona

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