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Holy Aromas Soaps and Lotions

Weber Center Shop is proud to offer a variety of soaps and lotions made by the Franciscan Sisters of Sylvania, Ohio.

Holy Aromas

These items, trademarked “Holy Aromas,” are perfect to give as gifts or to use at your own home. All items are hand-made from Earth-friendly products and smell heavenly! Scents include crisp cotton, honey almond, raspberry, ocean mist, moonlight, and lavender. Lotions come in two sizes, two ounces and four ounces, and the bar soaps are in different colors, shapes, scents and designs.

Holy Aromas soaps and lotions are available in store only; prices range from $3.99 to $5.99 per item. Purchases of Holy Aromas items support both Weber Center’s Dominican Mission and the Mission of the Franciscan Sisters.

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