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Handmade Olive Wood Gifts

Shop feature of olive wood cross

This month the Weber Shop is featuring beautiful hand-crafted gifts made of olive wood from the West Bank, Palestine.

The Shomali family has a passion and a heart for the people of their beloved homeland, Palestine. This led them to found Shomali Inc. in 1995, a wholesaler of religious articles specializing in olive wood creations from Bethlehem. Amal and Joseph have strong roots in the town of Beit-Sahour, also called Shepherd’s Field because it is where the angel appeared to the shepherd’s at the birth of Christ, located one mile from the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Palestine.

Comforting Angel

wooden pocket angelThis handmade guardian angel comes to you from Bethlehem to comfort you and give you strength, hope, and courage, as well as carry your prayers to Heaven. These angels are smooth to the touch and pocket sized.
Measures 2” x 2.5”

Uniting Cross

A cross within a cross, saying “we will always be joined together.” This makes a lovely gift for that special teacher, mentor, parent, godparent, graduate, or retiree.
Measures 2.5” x 4”


Lord’s Prayer Cross

This unique, flexible cross can be hung on a wall or from the ceiling. It contains the words of the Lord’s Prayer in English.
Measures 6.5” x 9”


Please call or email the Weber Shop with any questions or to inquire about other olive wood gifts in stock.

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