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Weber Shop Feature: Reflection Cards

cloth pouch of reflections cards with three cards laying face up; text says "Reflection Cards: Set of 31 cards, each with a scripture passage, reflection questions, and actionable steps."

This month’s feature is a set of 31 Reflection Cards for individual or small-group use. These cards, created by spiritual director Janene Ternes and workforce consultant Mary Ceccanese, are an excellent way to enhance your prayer life.

The cards come in a cloth pouch and have themes such as compassion, peace, fear, gratitude, stress, love, guidance, trust, forgiveness, etc. Each card has an image, a scripture passage related to the theme, reflection questions, and suggested actions to take.

The creators of the cards wanted to “inspire, encourage, and support you on your journey to grow closer to God.” With a card for each day of the month, the set provides a unique way to reflect on your faith journey and offers a different way to pray. Individuals could share their reflections in a small group or with a prayer partner. According to the creators, “Using the cards in a group is a great way to build care, compassion, and trust between the participants while at the same time increasing faith.”

The card set makes a lovely gift, especially for religious educators and spiritual directors. Now available at the Weber Center Shop for $24.00.

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