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Weber Shop Feature: Gift Items for Children

Featured children's gift items: Book cover images and image of meditation cards


This month the Weber Center Shop is featuring various gift items for children.

For a baby or toddler, consider the touch-and-feel board book by Hannah C. Hall called God Bless You & Good Night or the tenderly illustrated board book I Prayed for You by Jean Fischer.



The Weber Center Shop has a variety of Bibles for all ages, including The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes by Kenneth N. Taylor (suggested ages 4-7 years) and A Child’s Bible by Sally Ann Wright and Honor Ayres. These make wonderful gifts for any occasion for $20 or less.

  cover of the Mindful Kids box of activity cards


A current favorite item at the Weber Center Shop is Mindful Kids, a set of 50 large colorful cards for $16.99. Each card contains a whimsical and engaging picture on one side and an activity to do on the other side. These mindfulness cards offer an excellent opportunity for adults to engage with kids (ages four and up) in a new and positive way.

Stop by the Weber Center Shop to browse inspirational books related to the rosary, other types of prayers, and stories of saints. Coloring books are also a perpetual favorite available for gifting.

Bookshelf and counter display of the children's books and gifts at the Weber Center Shop

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