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Celebrate the Spring Equinox at Weber Center

For many, Spring is a time of rejuvenation and new life after a long, dark winter. All are invited to welcome Spring in a ritual celebration of the Spring Equinox from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sunday, March 17, 2024,…

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covers of three books

Weber Shop Feature: Resources for Lent

Lent, the six-week period before Easter, beginning on Ash Wednesday (this year February 14), is a traditional time for spiritual reflection. The Weber Center Shop features a wide variety of materials to make your Lent fruitful. Popular author Joyce Rupp…

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A pink and orange post-sunset sky, starting to show starts, is reflected in a tranquil lake where a sillouette of a woman sitting on a wooden dock can be seen in the forground.

Talk Focuses on Rapid Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Computer technology and artificial intelligence are the fastest evolvers in our society today. How are we to look at technology in today’s world? Sister Ilia Delio, OSF, addresses that question and more in her livestream presentation, Deep Artificial Intelligence (AI): Mind,…

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Sillouette of a woman, hair up in a bun and facing away from the camera, making a heart shape with both hands so the sunrise shines through the heart

Update on Days of Mindfulness

The Saturday, March 2, 2024, Day of Mindfulness at Weber Retreat and Conference Center has been canceled. You are invited to join the mindfulness community at Weber Retreat and Conference Center for the next scheduled session, Saturday, April 6, 2024.…

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Workshop Focuses on Thriving through Change

Our personal lives and our society are going through many changes these days, and the changes seem to occur more rapidly than ever. What is change about, and how can I or could I respond? In her workshop, Thriving through…

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Artist Carlos Tobar with white hair and beard wearing glasses stands next to one of his colorful paintings

INAI to Feature Works by Carlos Tobar

Beginning in early February, visitors to INAI: A Space Apart will have the opportunity to view artwork that ranges from intense commentary on current events or ordinary daily life to colorful depictions of life in Ecuador or in a land…

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