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Featured Books by Retreat Leader Paula D’Arcy

Weber Center recently welcomed the renowned retreat leader, writer, and speaker Paula D’Arcy to campus for a five-day retreat celebrating Holy Week. During the retreat, Paula encouraged participants to answer the voice calling, “Come, follow me.”

Paula has had first-hand experience dealing with loss and grief, having lost both her husband and her 22-month-old daughter in a car accident. D’Arcy survived the accident, and six months later she gave birth to another daughter. This began her long journey of healing, which has guided her life and opened her heart.

Weber Center Shop features many of her books. Titles include:

Gift of the Red Bird: The Story of a Divine Encounter – When Paula lost her husband and baby in a car crash, she began an inner search for a faith that was stronger than fear. She tells her story of spiritual exhaustion, her journey alone into the wilderness for three days, and the renewal she was blessed to experience. The book includes a reflection guide for reading groups.

Stars at Night: When Darkness Unfolds as Light – Paula reaches through and beyond her own personal experiences of loss to show how the enveloping darkness begins to lift, how night slowly becomes day again, and how to recognize the experience as a natural part of life.

Winter of the Heart – Paula shares her life’s work in accompanying the reader through various seasons of grief and the emotions that come with the loss of a loved one or after other major changes in life.

Rivers of Sorrow, Currents of Hope (forward by Joyce Rupp) – Paula walks into the center of grief, says it aloud, and makes it bearable again by relieving the reader of isolation, loneliness, and fear.

The Divine Spark: An Allegory of Awakening – Joyce Rupp says the book “is a deeply profound, amazingly simple and exquisitely beautiful portrayal of the soul’s journey to freedom. “

Visit Weber Center Shop to browse these and other titles, or call 517-266-4035 or email with your questions or your ordering information.

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