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Ceramic Ornaments and Specialty Soaps are Locally Crafted

The Weber Center Shop partners with a similar shop run by the Franciscan Sisters in Sylvania, OH, called All Good Things. This partnership introduces Weber Shop customers to a variety of local products.

In 2006, Sister Karen Zielinski, OSF, created a recipe for lavender soap; she began the cottage industry that’s now known as Holy Aromas. Holy Aromas makes a variety of glycerin soaps that contain the purest quality of glycerin, fragrances and essential oils. The soaps range from two inches to four inches in length and come in a wide variety of shapes and scents.  The Christmas-themed soaps make perfect stocking stuffers.

Alverno Studio Tiles, located on the grounds of the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio, is the birthplace of large-scale ceramic murals created by Sister Jane Mary Sorosiak, OSF, as well as smaller tiles sold at All Good Things. Each tile goes through a multi-step process, starting with preparing the clay and rolling it out into thin slabs. The Alverno tile is more than just a small work of art. It is a reflection of the Franciscan love of beauty based on St. Francis’ deep-rooted belief in God’s presence within all of creation. The ornament tiles featured at the Weber Center Art Shop are decorated with different words and images that evoke the joy of Christmas.

Holy Aromas’ soaps and Alverno tile ornaments are now available in the Weber Center Art Shop. These locally-made items are a great gift to give to a loved one during Christmas time.

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