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Featured Items: Singing Bowls

The Weber Center Shop offers a new selection of singing bowls. These colorful bowls are a wonderful tool for meditation, prayer, healing, or making music. Singing bowls emit a beautiful tone when tapped or circled with the accompanying mallet.

Weber Center Shop carries both small and large singing bowls. Our new selection of small bowls include:

  • Two bowl sets, each containing a 4″ diameter singing bowl, mallet, and cushion, packaged in a lovely box. One in blue for $69.95 and one in gold for $62.95.
  • A hand-hammered gold singing bowl, 4″ diameter, with mallet for $49.95.
  • An embossed singing bowl in brown and gold, 4.25″ diameter, with mallet for $48.95.
  • An “Eye of Buddha” singing bowl in blue, 5.5″ diameter, with mallet for $69.95.

See the video below for a lesson on how to play a singing bowl.

Larger singing bowls are also available. Stop by the Weber Center Shop to try these out – they make a wonderful gift!


How to play a singing bowl

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