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Celebrate the Labyrinth

wooden labyrinth with stylus and notice of labyrinth items in shop

Weber Center is fortunate to have a beautiful walking labyrinth on its grounds. Thanks to two generous grants, the labyrinth has been rejuvenated – every stone has been removed and cleaned and carefully reset. As we rededicate the labyrinth and celebrate the Autumn Equinox on Sunday, September 25, we also celebrate the healing power of walking or tracing a labyrinth as a spiritual practice.

A labyrinth is a circle that contains one path leading from the outer edge to the center via a meandering route. One of the oldest known contemplative spiritual practices, these structures are found in many spiritual traditions and cultures throughout the world. The ancients knew the circle to be the sacred symbol of harmony, wholeness, integrity and grace. During the middle ages, the practice of making a journey on foot to Jerusalem was no longer possible due to wars in the holy land. As a result, labyrinths were built in cathedrals for the purpose of pilgrimage. The labyrinth at Weber Center has the same design as the famous labyrinth in the medieval Chartres Cathedral in France.

The Weber Center Shop is now featuring several labyrinth items:

  • A lovely selection of wooden or ceramic labyrinths that can be traced with your finger or a stylus (various sizes, with and without stylus, $25.00 – $48.00)
  • Striking aqua or purple scarves with the labyrinth design ($18.00 each)
  • Necklaces and earrings in wood, silver, or copper with the Chartres-style labyrinth (priced $18.00 – $60.00)
  • A large assortment of books about praying, walking, and living the labyrinth (priced $9.99 – $16.00)

Stop by the Weber shop to see these items in person, or contact the shop for more information – 517-266-4035 or

The Weber Center labyrinth is open to the public every day, dawn to dusk.


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